July 1st 1986. July 1st 2017.

Every daytime we get closer passes fine, It's in darkness were it tears the tear inside, Each twenty-four hours closer that we get, I sleep less and I re-measure my regrets. In fourteen days you'll have moved once around the sun, Same day I numbered circle thirty-one, Until we move around each other more in... Continue Reading →


Maggie and Mike @ Toucan’s Bar. Mexico Beach, Florida. June 2018.

It's bigger here, faster. SUV bumpers ride up to my hips, steaks come in slabs as bloated as fists and talk runs at rates that I can't penetrate. Wide open spaces with every bit packed up and built on and everyone got to get first. Southern Rock dominates each bar I find, bloated like those... Continue Reading →

From US, June 18.

If a Maybe’s all the will or won'ts      You got And Sometime’s as good as any      Or it’s not If Perhaps is all the promise      That you’re after Maybe Someplace, hurting hurts      But not a lot.   If Anywhere’s the place        You may be... Continue Reading →

Bells & Circles – Iggy Pop and Underworld

Two legends post transformation. Underworld have electrified, moved, soothed and tranced. Iggy has lived in and outlived his rivals plus his protegees and remains. Reincarnations, incantations, reflect... and what got grown here came out somewhere in next. Both acts can be tracked through their tectonic shifts and this single ripped right out from nowhere. The... Continue Reading →

Rats on the Run (Communique No.1)

I got sick of the view. Office windows and spreadsheets launch into my dreams. Paunches and dustballs have started to gather and I’ve begun to mold to the shape of my seat. A close shave too close to a future in suits and it doesn’t quite sit with my senses. 15 years in Nottingham, England.... Continue Reading →

Blancmange. Nottingham. 4.11.17

I'd been consuming this desolate Dadaist 'tronica since first offered the review. Blancmange's newest album is a wide room to walk through, you can pick up and put down pieces of each song and move on to examine the next piece you fancy; A crystalline beat, hook or texture, a word. It's flashy because it's... Continue Reading →

Dead Boys. Nottingham. 2.2.18

It's 2018 in the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham. It's '77/78 in CBGBs for an hour. Im going to go ahead and namecheck from the off. Ramones, NY Dolls, Patti Smith, HeartBreakers, DMZ, Television... Reads like a grubbed up punk bible in a dirt-black hard-back CBGB sleeve. Snort off the face of it, tear out the pages... Continue Reading →

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