Installment 9… Colorado Part 1.

With the red dust of Strangeness, Oklahoma behind us, we tacked west and made our way up. My face stung from turps as Texas plains gave way to upended earth and Colorado crept up on us to cover our tracks. Continue reading Installment 9… Colorado Part 1.


Bad Llama – ‘Crooked Empire’ EP Review.

Enter a drone on delay, drag out the scratches and build, call in a smooth set of chiming guitars and slam with a drum weighted howl. Hollow Thieves opens Bad Llama’s new EP with a clean polished anger and grandeur. Continue reading Bad Llama – ‘Crooked Empire’ EP Review.

Installment 8… Undisclosed, Oklahoma. A Dystopian Future.

The aim is Colorado with ambitions for Denver.  We take an $18 stop at an Air BnB, Oklahoma to step out of Texas just ‘cus. Our hire car runs and rattles down pigtracks, spitting out clouds of dust and kicking out a red mist right behind us. My mind plays out North by Northwest and X-Files movie drive scenes and I have to remember not to have too much fun. Continue reading Installment 8… Undisclosed, Oklahoma. A Dystopian Future.

Installment 7… Austin, an Island in Texas.

Austin. Achingly hip and alarmingly cool. Coffee bean fetishists, thrift store hi-glam, nu-age craft ales in gleaming clean structures and retro set wide-eyed fresh faces.

Hot dog and burger bars tower their meats with all kinds of sides, only skyscrapers outside match their stature. Weed’s offered out by bar maids and waiters and I don’t feel young, pretty or thin. Continue reading Installment 7… Austin, an Island in Texas.

Last New Orleans Dawn of July

Mamma Fay waves off her green gypsy dress,
Pulls the next cigarette to her humming bird lips,
Picks through the cards and the beads in her bag,
Fingertips through her voodoo and prayers…

Mamma Fay walks to the water
Lovers, hold on to your loves
Fathers, hold on to your daughters
Mother’s, keep hold of the ones kept indoors Continue reading Last New Orleans Dawn of July

Installment 6… Fritch, Tx (or ‘Keeping Creative on Move’).

Back home I had intent and purpose. I made shapes and sense of music and words and all time was divided, devoted. I made time to draw lines from without to within and direct them back out in new twists. People around me helped me build a home studio and they’d switch out the songs mine to ours.  Back home I made time to make something with all of my tools at my tips.

Here we move place to place with a speed and a greed that breeds barely no time to take in. We breathe in the air but don’t pick up the scents, time to reflect slim to none. Continue reading Installment 6… Fritch, Tx (or ‘Keeping Creative on Move’).

Heat on a Leash (from Fritch, Tx.)

Follow from Installment 6…

Typewriters clack with their meat cleaver keys,
Stamping their feet in red letters,
White ribbon scriptures hang cracks to the walls,
And I cant catch a break of a word.

Fragments hang backs to the rafters,
Sheets pass their last owner’s best incantations
Up into my skin with precision. Continue reading Heat on a Leash (from Fritch, Tx.)

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