Instalment 1 …Panama City Beach, Fl.

Rats on Run began here, in more ways than one. Took five years to work out what to do with the offer... A man I barely knew and his American wife said come stay in the states anytime. He left UK for US and with wife and new life they're deservedly proud; of each other,... Continue Reading →


Travelling by Instalments… An Intro from Austin, Tx.

It's the third in a clean three day stretch of 95+ degrees F here in Austin. Tomorrow's looking like stretching to four. We've wore off sore heads, oozed out our insides and wrungout our ears with slabs of music and noise. Fuzzed 60s garage slams out of bars, so does country, old and new RnB,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a Down & Out Downtown Motel

Cape Canaveral, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee; 740 odd miles in 90+ degrees F in a car with no AC, no fuel gauge, leaking break fluid and no radio. A cheap Bluetooth speaker spits out spike tin-whispers of anything with treble enough to push through the wind, windows full down, seats wet from heat. Sweat gathers... Continue Reading →

July 1st 1986. July 1st 2017.

Every daytime we get closer passes fine, It's in darkness were it tears the tear inside, Each twenty-four hours closer that we get, I sleep less and I re-measure my regrets. In fourteen days you'll have moved once around the sun, Same day I numbered circle thirty-one, Until we move around each other more in... Continue Reading →

From US, June 18.

If a Maybe’s all the will or won'ts      You got And Sometime’s as good as any      Or it’s not If Perhaps is all the promise      That you’re after Maybe Someplace, hurting hurts      But not a lot.   If Anywhere’s the place        You may be... Continue Reading →

Bells & Circles – Iggy Pop and Underworld

Two legends post transformation. Underworld have electrified, moved, soothed and tranced. Iggy has lived in and outlived his rivals plus his protegees and remains. Reincarnations, incantations, reflect... and what got grown here came out somewhere in next. Both acts can be tracked through their tectonic shifts and this single ripped right out from nowhere. The... Continue Reading →

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